Any effect that is brought about as an accidental side effect of an unrelated architectural decision should be regraded as a flaw in the system.
Autocracy is gaining ground everywhere, but there are steps we can take to make democracy stronger. If we can't start at the national level, then let's…
Why should we prefer democracy as a system of government: because it indulges an individual voter, or because it produces the best results for the most…
If I only have time to read one book about the Australian political system, which book should it be?
For the important stuff, insist on two votes, but for everything else, make it easy to get stuff done fast
In sports, every team struggles with the question, how much is the current coach to blame for any particular loss, or any particular win? Would you fire…
Is there a way to make an election interesting even to those voters who live in an enemy stronghold, where the voter has no hope of seeing their own…
Why did Kenneth Arrow think that Approval Voting would do a better job of bringing to the surface the real concerns of voters?
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