Democracy is in crisis.

The current structure of democracy, in use in both the USA and Europe, grew out of the arguments of the 1700s. We’ve come to think of it as the only kind of democracy that can work, but after 300 years, we should admit it might be time to go back to first principles and consider structures of governance that might serve us better in the future. Demodexio is a site for exploring a wide range of books for new ideas about the concerns and politics of a democratic future.

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Kathryn Bertoni will be posting reviews of book that focus on the dangers of authoritarianism.

Lawrence Krubner is the author of the very popular book How To Destroy A Tech Startup In Three Easy Steps.

More recently he published his advice on how to manage a startup, One-On-One Meetings Are Underrated; Group Meetings Waste Time.

Lawrence Krubner outlined his main anti-populist thesis in “What I Hope To Prove.”

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Lawrence Krubner

See my book "One on one meetings are underrated; group meetings waste time":


Recovering farmer in Charlottesville, reader of actual hard-copy books, soccer enthusiast, votes anti-authoritarian in every, single, election. Hope it matters.